About Me

Welcome to my page. It is so lovely to have you here.

I thought it would be fun to share a few very random facts about myself just so that you have an idea of what type of person I am and if we would be a good fit :)

  1. I laugh easily and love telling a flo joke. (Be ready)
  2. I am a little horse crazy and wanted to be a professional horse rider when I was younger.
  3. My go-to karaoke song would have to be Cher- Believe
  4. I love a surprise! It brings so much joy to people! (These are the good surprises though)
  5. I have more than 20 pairs of shoes.
  6. If I won the lottery I would seriously adopt all the shelter dogs I could find (I foster dogs and I could keep all of them)
  7. I wish bell-bottom jeans came back into fashion.... Love me a pair of those.
  8. I am an outspoken extrovert! You will never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in front of my camera because I will keep you talking and laughing all the time :)


Dayna & Damien Botha

“Wild salt photography captured my wedding and they did the most amazing job! Absolutely in love with all our photos and Nicci is amazing!”

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